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Nature's Help

Nature's Help is a company that sells natural and organic products for a healthy lifestyle. Night sweats, hot flushes, low libido, anxiety are all symptoms of menopause. Their range has been designed by women for women, to help you map the best path for you on your journey through menopause. Using natural ingredients backed by science they have all your symptoms covered.


Nature's Help have a Shopify store that sells their products online, but they were facing an issue with their website speed on mobile devices. The website page speed score was only 29/100, which was affecting the user experience and leading to a high bounce rate. To improve their online presence, they reached out to Fix My Site Speed to help increase their website's speed and performance. Nature's Help's website was slow on mobile devices, which was impacting the user experience. A slow website can lead to frustration and a high bounce rate, which can cause a decrease in conversions and revenue. A low website speed score can also negatively affect the website's search engine optimization (SEO), causing it to rank lower in search results.

What We Did:

Fix My Site Speed worked with Nature's Help to improve the website's speed and performance. They started by analyzing the Shopify store's existing apps and making recommendations on which apps were better to use for speed and performance purposes. They also optimized images and code on the website to reduce load time.

We found that the website was bogged down by multiple heavy apps and plugins, which were slowing down the page load time and causing frustration for visitors. Our team recommended that Nature's Help consider switching to lighter, more optimized apps that would improve website speed and enhance the overall user experience.


After implementing the changes recommended by Fix My Site Speed, Nature's Help's mobile website page speed score increased from 29 out of 100 to 75 out of 100. This improvement in speed led to a decrease in the bounce rate and an increase in the conversion rate. The improved website speed also had a positive impact on the website's SEO, which helped to increase the website's traffic and revenue.

Nature's Help's slow mobile website was affecting the user experience, causing a high bounce rate, and negatively impacting the website's SEO. With the help of Fix My Site Speed, they were able to improve their mobile website page speed score from 29/100 to 75/100. The improvements in speed led to an increase in conversions, traffic, and revenue for Nature's Help. Fix My Site Speed was able to provide a solution that helped Nature's Help to improve their online presence and reach their goals.

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