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Used by hundreds of Shopify eCommerce  merchants worldwide

Your Shopify store needs to be lightning-fast to deliver the best possible user experience. And the challenge is, the speed optimization process never stops, meaning you need an expert to be on the ball for you at all times.

We aim for a 50+ Mobile Speed Score.

A 0.1s improvement of your mobile site speed can increase your Conversion rates by 8.4%*

Improve my Shopify Store Speed
*Google Page Speed Insights Report
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Shopify Site Speed Process

Choose Your Option
2 Available
Provide Shopify Access
5 Minutes
Site Speed Optimization
7-10 Days

Why Brands Choose Us to Optimize Speed

Optimize My Shopify Store
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We carry years of Shopify development and optimization experience.
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We aim for a 50+ Mobile Speed Score.
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We aim to get page speed times of three seconds or under.
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We don’t remove any of your existing functionality, apps or design work.

Real-Time Shopify Site Speed Optimization Results

Jac & Mooki
Jac and Mooki, an Australian fashion brand specializing in premium denim and casual wear, was facing website speed issues.
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Natures Help
Natures Help is a range of products that has been designed by women for women to help with night sweats, hot flushes, low libido and anxiety. Using natural ingredients backed by science and made in Australia, they have all your symptoms covered.
View Result
Otis Eyewear
Otis Eyewear makes premium eyewear from Naturally Sourced, Eco-Friendly, Distortion-Free and Scratch Resistant Mineral Glass Lenses.
View Result
Creatures of Leisure
Creatures of Leisure provides the best high-quality surfing equipment and accessories in Australia.
View Result
The Sydney Strap Co
From Apple to NATO, Fitbit, and more, Sydney Strap Co has been a leading provider of Australian watch bands since 2015 for those interested in blending personality and style.
View Result
Baked and Co
Baked & Co is proud to be one of the best bakeries in Sydney. We’ve had more than 20 thousand customers fall in love with our delicious products, from bread to our donuts, pastries, bagels and cookies.
View Result
Spirits of France
Spirits of France began by offering high end French Spirits and has since grown the range to offer the finest spirits from around the world.
View Result
Vela Days
Vela Days hemp enriched skincare products provide you with all the effectiveness of traditional clinical applications with the simplicity of a streamlined routine.
View Result
Unreal Fur
Melbourne based Unreal Fur, has a mission to end the use of real fur and animal products in the fashion industry, by designing with vegan materials of the best quality in the world.
View Result

Get Your Core Web Vitals Optimised!

Our Shopify specialists know how to improve the performance of your Core Web Vitals to enhance your user experience and let have your Shopify performance shine.

First Input Delay
Needs Improvement
100 ms
300 ms
1.First Input Delay (FID)
Largest Contentful Paint
Needs Improvement
2.5 sec
4.0 sec
2.Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)
(Visual Stability)
Cumulative Layout Shift
Needs Improvement
3. Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)

Steps we take to Make Your Shopify Website Load Faster

Learn More about our Process
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Reduce HTML, JavaScript and CSS files.
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Defer & Async Javascript & CSS delivery.
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Conduct CDN enhancements for Shopify.
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Assess installed app and remove old code.
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Image optimization and lazy loading setup.
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Dynamic image scaling.
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Minimise page DOM sizes, etc.
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Did You Know “Your Website Has
3 Seconds To Impress Its Visitors, Otherwise 54% Of Visitors Will Switch To Your Competitor, Who Yields Quicker Results”

We can assist you in making your website loader faster - increasing customer retention and decreasing bounce rates to new levels.
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Improve Your Site Speed Today

Our Shopify Experts Can Fix Your Core Web Vitals & Improve Your UX To Make Your Store Excel As Per The New Google Update!

Shopify Core Web Vitals Optimization
  • Core Web Vitals Review and Optimization
  • LCP Load Time of Less than 3 Seconds
  • Fix Errors in Google Search Console
  • Pass in Google Core Web Vitals Test
  • Same design and functionality
  • Detailed SEO Audit Report
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Shopify Speed &
Performance Optimization
  • Expert Speed Optimization
  • Shopify App Review and Code Optimization
  • Image and Media Optimization
  • We aim for a 50+ Mobile Speed Score
  • Same design and functionality
  • Detailed SEO Audit Report
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Maintain Store Performance

Our Shopify Experts Can Fix Your Core Web Vitals & Improve Your UX To Make Your Store Excel As Per The New Google Update!

Never Drop Below 50/100

Ongoing Monthly Performance Updates to keep your store at a speed score of 50+ on both Mobile and Desktop.
*Initial one-off speed optimization must be performed by Fix My Site Speed within past 60 days.
Maintain your
Shopify Performance*
$500 /Month
Our developers will monitor your Shopify
Performance and make updates on a monthly
basis to retain your speed.
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