Our Process
to Improve Shopify Speed & Performance

We enhance your Shopify store’s speed and these are the steps we take to do it.
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Minify HTML, JS, & CSS Files.
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Defer & Async Javascript & CSS delivery.
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CDN Optimisations for Shopify.
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App Analysis & Old App Code Removal.
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Image optimisation and lazy loading setup.
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Dynamic Scaling of Images.
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Reduce Page DOM Size, etc.

What You Get

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Fast Loading Shopify Store
Don’t be left in the dust as your competitors continue to improve their store performance.
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Customer Trust
Build customer trust with a fast, reliable checkout experience that builds trust with your brand.
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Loyal Customers
Welcome repeat customers, time and time again.
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Increased Conversions
Land more sales and eliminate abandoned checkouts.
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Enhanced SEO
Speed is a big ranking factor for Google, we will improve your Google rankings.
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Exceptional Support
Quick turnaround and ongoing
support once live.
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Collect Page Speed Insights

It’s crucial we gather as much data as we can about your main pages. To do this, though, we use the latest version of Google Page Speed Insights to collect all the data we need.

From there, we run a series of reports through the testing tool, allowing us to establish an accurate foundation.


Begin Optimizing

Our team will analyze your site through Google Page Speed Insights and begin optimizing all core issues that are affecting your page speed and performance.
We make a duplicate of your current theme and work through a full code-review process to remove unnecessary code. We won’t remove any media from the site. We will also analyze the current apps you have installed on your website and make suggestions for alternatives apps that will improve your speed and performance.
Once your speed optimized theme is ready for review, we will get you to check the updated theme and then you will publish this to the site.

During the review phase, we’ll also conduct multiple Google Page Speed reports, measuring performance tweaks in A/B split tests.


Go Live on your Optimized Theme

Themes that aren’t yet published will typically show unreliable results. The best results will show after your theme is put live, where we can see just how well it performs. From there, we can make further tweaks and improvements.

Quicker stores entice customers to stay longer and make more purchases.

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Improve Your Speed Today

Our Shopify Experts Can Fix Your Core Web Vitals & Improve Your UX To Make Your Store Excel As Per The New Google Update!

Shopify Core Web Vitals Optimization
  • Core Web Vitals Review and Optimization
  • LCP Load Time of Less than 3 Seconds
  • Fix Errors in Google Search Console
  • Pass in Google Core Web Vitals Test
  • Same design and functionality
  • Detailed SEO Audit Report
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Shopify Speed &
Performance Optimization
  • Expert Speed Optimization
  • Shopify App Review and Code Optimization
  • Image and Media Optimization
  • 50+ Mobile Google Speed Score
  • Same design and functionality
  • Detailed SEO Audit Report
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Maintain Store Performance

Our Shopify Experts Can Fix Your Core Web Vitals & Improve Your UX To Make Your Store Excel As Per The New Google Update!

Never Drop Below 50/100

Ongoing Monthly Performance Updates to keep your store at a speed score of 50+ on both Mobile and Desktop.
*Initial one-off speed optimization must be performed by Fix My Site Speed within past 60 days.
Maintain your
Shopify Performance*
Our developers will monitor your Shopify
Performance and make updates on a monthly
basis to retain your speed.
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