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Core Web Vitals are now the most important website performance metric that shows the quality of your User Experience! Let us help you improve yours today!

Core web vitals are now our favorite developer tools!
Lab Data
  • First Contentful Paint
    1.6 s
  • Speed Index
    3.6 s
  • Largest Contentful Paint
    2.6 s
  • Time to Interactive
    1.7 s
  • Total Blocking Time
    40 ms
  • Comulative Layout Shift
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What are Google Core Web Vitals?

Core Web Vitals are a set of metrics set by Google to help developers understand the UX performance of a website.

In essence, developers can break down each component of the user’s experience in the ‘real world’ and get a grasp of how to improve it. A poor score means poor user experience.

LCP graph image
FID graph image
CLS graph image
Why Core Web Vitals are
Important for your Shopify Store?

Google’s Core Web Vitals directly affect how your store ranks in Google.

If you rely on your website for sales, leads and customer support, then it’s important that your site is ranking as high as possible within search results. If you don’t pay attention to these metrics, then your website may not be converting as high as it could be.

Google Favours websites with better Core Web Vitals

Poor web vitals means a poor user experience. Google often favours websites that have higher performing Web Core Vitals.

Avoid the risk of dropping in Google Search results by having an expert (like us) optimise your website to perform as best as possible.

Analyse graph background

Our Core Web Vitals Consultants Analyse the following factors when improving your metrics:

  • How long it takes for your pages to load.
  • How smooth your UX performs.
  • How stable the visuals are.
  • How mobile-friendly your store is.
  • How safe your users are on your website.
  • How secure your website is.

Our Shopify Core Web Vitals
Optimization will Amplify Your Store

First Input Delay
Needs Improvement
100 ms
300 ms
1.First Input Delay (FID)
Evaluates how fast your users can interact with your page.
Largest Contentful Paint
Needs Improvement
2.5 sec
4.0 sec
2.Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)
Evaluates how fast the largest web page content loads.
(Visual Stability)
Cumulative Layout Shift
Needs Improvement
3. Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)
Evaluates the stability & how the page layout moves while loading.

Our Recent Core Web Vitals Results

poor performance (31 points)button arrow imagebest performance (81 points)
poor performance (5 points)button arrow imagebest performance (80 points)

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