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Slow Shopify Apps and The Fast Alternatives


When it comes to running a successful online store, speed and efficiency are key. However, many e-commerce owners find themselves grappling with slow Shopify apps that can hamper their site's performance and user experience. 

If you've ever found yourself wondering, "which apps on Shopify are slow?" or "what are some alternatives to these slow website apps?", then this blog is for you. We understand the frustration of dealing with apps that slow website speed and potentially hurt your bottom line. 

That's why we've put together this comprehensive guide to help you navigate the landscape of Shopify apps. We'll analyze the reasons behind the sluggishness of some apps, and more importantly, we'll highlight the fast alternatives that can enhance your store's performance. 

Get ready to transform your e-commerce business by saying goodbye to apps that hurt website speed and welcoming the fast, efficient alternatives that can propel you towards success. 

10 Slow Shopify Apps to Avoid 

Let's start by identifying the slow Shopify apps that might be impeding your website speed and affecting your e-commerce performance:

  1. Sales Pop by Beeketing: This app can cause excessive load times due to its heavy scripting and frequent pop-up notifications.
  2. Ali Reviews: While this app is useful for importing reviews from AliExpress, it can contribute to slower loading times as it fetches data externally.
  3. Quick View by Secomapp: Quick view functionality can increase loading time due to the additional scripts it loads for each product.
  4. Hextom’s Free Shipping Bar: The app adds an extra layer to the top of the website which can cause delays in loading times.
  5. Yo by SpurIT: The constant update of recent sales notifications can put a strain on your website's speed.
  6. Instafeed: This app pulls images from Instagram, which can slow down your site if not optimized properly.
  7. Mobile Converter by Beeketing: It creates a secondary mobile add-to-cart button which can cause additional load times.
  8. Oberlo: If not configured correctly, it can slow down the site due to the requests it sends to update product information.
  9. JUDGE.ME: While this app is popular for product reviews, it can cause slowdowns due to the external fetching of review data.
  10. Currency Switcher by Secomapp: This app can be resource-intensive due to its automatic geolocation feature, potentially slowing down your site. 

Embracing the Fast Alternatives 

Now that we've identified the culprits, let's shift our focus to some fast, efficient Shopify apps that can boost your website speed and enhance your online store's performance: 

Hydra - Product & Inventory Sync: 

A common issue with slow Shopify apps is that they struggle to manage and sync stock between multiple stores, causing delays and inefficiencies. Hydra is an app that addresses this, providing a seamless way to manage and synchronize inventory across all your stores. 

It's perfect for businesses that operate on both the wholesale and retail side. Key features include:

  • Efficient multi-store stock management
  • Enhanced wholesale/retail operations
  • Fast synchronization, avoiding the pitfalls of slow website apps 

Juno - Related Products: 

The question of which apps on Shopify are slow often arises when considering SEO and traffic generation. 

Juno is an app that boosts SEO, traffic, and revenue by splitting variants into separate products and grouping similar ones together. This leads to more pages being indexed on Google, thus improving visibility. Additional benefits include:

  • Improved customer reviews
  • Enhanced email marketing
  • Uplift in Facebook engagement 

Cupid - Social Wishlist: 

Apps that slow website speed can be a hindrance when customers want to save and share their favorite products. Cupid is a unique app that allows users to save products to one or many wish lists and share them with friends. 

What sets it apart is its headless implementation out of the box, making it incredibly fast and efficient. Highlights include:

  • User-friendly wishlist creation and sharing
  • Headless implementation for enhanced speed
  • Avoidance of apps that hurt website speed 

Mercury - Search & Merchandise: 

When considering slow Shopify apps, search and merchandise often come to mind. Mercury is a powerful app that provides visual merchandising, smart product recommendations, and a search function that simply works. 

It learns from shopper behavior to provide personalized experiences, reducing the likelihood of slow website apps affecting your business. Key features include:

  • Intelligent e-commerce personalization
  • Efficient search functions
  • Visual merchandising capabilities. 

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